Here I am going to tell you 26 Most Wanted “Boating Tips” for you!!

After reading this article you can see how “Boating Tips” are connected with English language. a


Check your boat’s accessories. If you own wooden oars or paddles, be sure to check for splinters or cracks in the blade. Check plastic or metal paddles for signs of wear that would cause them to fail.

  • BUNG

Keep a wooden bung that matches the diameter of each through-hull below the waterline in order to prevent sinking in case of an emergency.

  • CLEANER Use oven cleaner to remove paint splatters on gel coat. • DIRTY

Is your boat getting a little dirty? Be sure to clean your deck and hull with a mild water-soluble cleansing agent. This will prevent damage to the color and condition of your boat.

  • ELECTRONICS Prevent equipment theft! Remove your electronics when storing your boat to protect expensive gadgets. • FUEL After every boating trip, be sure to fill the gas tank. This will help prevent water build-up from condensation. • GASOLINE

Clear any potential gasoline fumes by running the blower for five minutes before turning the ignition key (for boats with gas engines housed in compartments).


Before hurricane season begins, take a video of the interior, exterior, and the equipment in your boat. Keep it in a safe place in case an insurance claim needs to be filed.


If a water pump impeller disintegrates while you’re boating, the engine will overheat. Change your engine’s water pump impeller every three years to prevent failure.

  • JELLY Coat battery terminals with a small amount of petroleum jelly to prevent corrosive buildup. • KIDS Kids onboard? Be careful about hatch covers — they can pinch toes and fingers. • LEAVES Do not store your boat under trees. Falling leaves will leave stains, especially on fiberglass. Not to mention the tree sap and bird droppings that are particularly tough to remove.

A little metal polish goes a long way when dealing with chrome and stainless steel railings. After a good rinse, be sure to add this finishing touch.